Saturday, August 9, 2014

RHEL7 RHCE Objectives

I haven't seen official objectives for the RHEL7 RHCE/RHCSA exams, yet. CertDepot has the RHCSA and RHCE objectives for EL7 posted.

My RHCE (EL5 based) expires any day now, and so I probably should start working on updating my brain for the new bits in EL7. Big things are going to be swapping System V init with systemd, and the old standard of iptables with Firewalld.

Sadly after RHEL6 went GA, the Red Hat policies changed from certs expiring after 2 major releases to them expiring after 3 years. I also believe that you now need both EX200 and EX300 for the cert, not just one monolithic exam.

I may have to look into taking other exams, rather than keep retaking the CE exams to keep my cert live.


  1. Concerning the source of the RHEL7 RHCE/RHCSA official objectives on the CertDepot website, there is a line at the end of the CertDepot's page ( It says: "Source: Red Hat website". If you click on it, you get access to the Red Hat website and the RHEL7 RHCE/RHCSA official objectives (I know it's incredible!).

  2. Well, look at that. I tried to find it the hard way and failed. Thanks!

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