Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SOTA Activation of Mount Temple's Holt Peak, W1/HA-181

I just recently activated my second summit, Holt Peak of Mount Temple. Temple has two peaks, Holt and Burton, but only Holt is activatable.

I was up there with Chris KG6CIH. We brought along 2m and 20m equipment, as last time. Unfortunately, Chris' LNR radio had a problem with the mic gain so we failed at an HF activation again. We had a very active 2m activation, 9 contacts in a fairly short time.

The hike was a fairly easy one, 1.9 miles one way up  relatively easy terrain. We had a little bit of snow, a few inches, with some ice here or there. While we had snowshoes with us, we left them in the car. Microspikes were more than enough to get through the ice on the ground.

I'm really looking forward to more SOTA activations. We're working now to figure out our HF problems, whether we fix our gear and get that on the air, or drag along another operator who has functional gear.

I need to work on my gear, I'm plenty warm but I tend to wear too many clothes and get nice and sweaty. I need to shed more layers, earlier. It hasn't been too bad on our short hikes, but with a longer hike it might get bad or dangerous.

I should make a post on what gear I'm carrying, it's not fancy but it works.

Thanks to our chasers:

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